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Our Quality Assurance System:?
Documented quality manual,available
Sets of Document Control Process available
Record Control Process,available
Prevention and Rectification Control Process,available
Data Analysis and Information Management Process,available
Our Product Quality:
In-process Inspection and Measurement Control Process ,available
Lot number identification is attached for trace ability of our products
The test measurements and final inspection results,documented
Unqualified Product Control Process,available
Course Control Process for customers,available
Guidance and Inspection Process concerning customer's satisfaction,available
Our Inspecting Appliance:
Resistance Particle Counter:Test the distribution of toner powder;
Powder Charge Measuring Apparatus:Test the charge of toner powder;
Flow Tester:Test the intenerated point and fused index of toner;
Powder Tester:Test the flowability parameter of the toner;
Electronic Scanning Microscope Observe the shape and diameter of toner powder;
Fixing Tester:Test the fixing level of the copied and printed products;
Various printers and photocoiers:Test the toner's performance on relevant machines;
The instruments are always maintained and calibrated regularly .?
Our Control of Manufacturing Process:
The operation of Management and Technology Control Process to minimize process variation.
Perform inspections in each documented procedure.
Do analysis and inspection routinely to the intermediates.
Incident Dealing Process,available for the abnormal equipment,material and intermediates.
Our Control of Incoming Material:
Our material suppliers are famous multinational companies or domestic famous companies in this industry.
The incoming material is asked for enclosed test report and qualifying certificate.
The material must be approved by quality analysis and inspection before storing.
The new material must be approved by trial production